Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions

When a booking is made and a quote is accepted, a deposit of 50% of the total agreed amount must be paid to Arco Musica.

The deposit will not be refunded should there be a cancellation on your part.

After accepting a quote, the outstanding amount must be paid to Arco Musica 3 days before the performance/booking.


When approved by both parties in the booking agreement, a booking may be rescheduled if mutually agreed upon. The rescheduled booking must be the same duration as the original confirmed booking and also mutually agreed upon in a time period.

Cancellation Policy Exemptions

We encourage both parties in booking agreements to communicate and work through any potential scheduling issues or cancellations directly and immediately. This ensures a mutually beneficial outcome in a timely manner. In the event that a cancellation needs to be made, please also immediately notify

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