About Us

Arco Musica  is a group of professional musicians formed in the early 90’s to meet the growing demand for quality live performances in a variety of musical styles. We provide not only a small ensemble for intimate functions, but operate on a much larger scale such as composing and coordinating big music events.

Based in Central South Africa, Arco Musica’s core members are actively involved in instructing, lecturing and performing in the symphonic and light music fields.

With more than 25 years experience of playing together, the group enjoys an enviable reputation for professional performance and presentation.

Arco Musica also endeavors to provide a platform for young and upcoming singers and instrumentalists in the form of the composing/arranging of songs, live accompaniment for performances and opportunities for exposure in large-scale productions.

Our grandiose productions feature national artists, accompanied by Arco Orchestra, and promises a highlight on the music calendar of Central South Africa, every year.

Our trained technical department is fundamental to every event and is committed to capture the essence of excellence in every performer.

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